Matt Nish-Lapidus

I'm Feeling Lucky

with Philip Leonard Ocampo ; view recent changes / Vector Festival .

“Using an image recognition relations dataset as the basis for automated found image assemblage, I’m Feeling Lucky creates unique real-time image sets for each of the 15000+ in the dataset. The set of terms is laid out on a single page as links, flowing to fill the screen. Each link leads to a collage/assemblage of images found through using the phrase as an image search, and arranging the results. Matt Nish-Lapidus, in collaboration with Philip Leonard Ocampo, addresses the human labour behind machine learning, specifically aggregated data-sets that quantify and itemize the different types of relationships between objects/subjects in images online. I’m Feeling Lucky considers (and unravels) the linguistic poetics of code, and address the implications of addressing the human on an in-human scale.”

Text by Philip Leonard Ocampo from view recent changes