Matt Nish-Lapidus

Love Letters

Computational relationships can be fraught with anxiety and stress. Love Letters transform the way you digitally communicate – no longer trapped wondering what to say, how to say it, or in the endless possibilities of the entire alphabet. Tired of frantically replying to email or typing vitriolic social media posts? Instead, tell your computer that you love it using one of these Love Letters. Each multiple in the series is a functional keyboard containing only the letters needed for a short poem, including any duplicates, and automatically adds spaces as needed.

Edition of 2 (+1 AP), comes packaged in an anti-static bag (pink!), and includes a USB cable.⁠

Each keyboard is hand assembled and may not be exactly as pictured. Key colour, font, and shape may differ in each edition.

Launch accounement:

Photos by Art Metropole.

Love Letters 1 (Very Slowly Spoken)
Love Letters 2 (Manic Whisper)
Love Letters 3 (Escape)
Love Letters 4 (...)