Matt Nish-Lapidus

Twenty Four Hour News Cycle


Decontextualizing tweets that contain the word “news”, removing them from time and source, allowing people to focus on their often fleeting content. Three cycles are presented: hours, minutes, seconds. Tweets are usually small in length and time, flashing by on a feed for seconds before being overtaken by something new. By freezing “news” tweets for longer durations, we contemplate their statements more deeply than intended, transforming them. These frozen in time statements are juxtaposed against the never ending stream of “news” as it speeds by at a post per second. This quagmire of information is exacerbated by its speed. Posts about the “news” fly by thousands per minute, being retweeted and shared regardless of voracity. Establishing the validity of a shared post is near impossible since it will be here and gone in seconds, buried by the volume of posts and by the algorithms of the system itself.