Matt Nish-Lapidus

Work, Life, Balance

; Artist book, 880 pages. .

“Work, Life, Balance” is a procedural poem. Lines of text fill out a poetic array and are combinatorially processed through a simple script. A hammer is repurposed in over three thousand ways, exploring what it means to make and destroy through the logic of computational loops and iterations.

A hammer for … made out of … wielded by … for smashing … for building …

For each of these beginnings there are five endings, except the first for which there are six. The book contains every possible combination of these variations over 880 pages.

This work is part of my ongoing research and experiments with procedural and generated text–using natural language processing and machine learning with my own writing, and a corpus of text drawn from science fiction and popular media about AI.

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A hammer for the poor and the needy, and for the rich and the poor, and for those who want to be rich and free

made out of a bunch of things that he’s probably never seen before

wielded by the first-place team

for smashing a wall or building up an army

for building the new world map of the game.